Dream Job

So I was in class on Wednesday, and Day 2 of training is the day that the employees get to ask me personal questions to get to know me. One of the questions I was asked this time was “If you have goals to be a writer so you can positively influence and educate society, how come you have chosen this training job as your career?”

I hesitated. It was a very good question after all. Ever since I read the book “Princess” in high school, I wanted to write a book that would positively portray Muslim women. I wanted people to live in the day-to-day life of an American Muslim Arab woman and understand that we are not so different. That we struggle, we achieve, we love, we survive, and we move on just like everyone else. I’ve always had to work though, and so as I become more involved at work and advanced in my roles, I forgot my ultimate goal. Until recently.

Even though I am not a recognized writer in society, I know I am on my way. I have my followers and I am starting to build up a fanbase. In every class I teach, my writing comes up and so I gain exposure. However, I don’t even need to write to get my ultimate goal accomplished. In every class I have the opportunity to talk about my religion and culture. I am asked questions inquiring about my scarf, my struggles, and how I overcome them.

In a way, my role as a corporate trainer is the best way for me to show society that image of an American Muslim Arab female. It is such an honorĀ  and a privilege to be able to show that success comes in different shades in the corporate world. I am able to be myself and do what I do best, which is motivate and inspire those around me to not only do good for the company, but to do good for themselves.

Having been through a lot in life has allowed me to sincerely empathize with employees, and in turn, have the opportunity to instill that confidence that they had lost. I am proud to be who I am. I want people to see that my generation of women feel empowered and can go out amidst the racism and do well in society. We can contribute positively and have a shining image.

I may not have the job I had dreamed of, but I am lucky that I have found my dream job.