Flirting with Danger

So, I started my new job this week! I absolutely love everything about it so far. My coworkers are amazing, the office is beautiful, and the work is fulfilling alhamdullilah. I’ve just been training the last two days, and will officially start on Monday. So this week has been pretty laid back.

Before I got to the office on Monday, I knew that I would be working with another guy on my events since it was too much work for one person during our upcoming Ramadan season. I was surprised though to find out that he was around my age. As soon as I walked into the office, there he was, his lean figure folded into one of the swivel chairs. He stood to greet me and I noticed that he was very tall, dressed well, and had an easy-going smile on his face. I was instantly attracted. Not to say that I had fallen head over heels (I’m not that type) but if I had to work with someone, I’m glad it was someone like him.

However, his personality ended up being more attractive than I imagined. We fell into an easy conversation and ended up liking the same things. I finally felt that there was hope in meeting a great guy, in my field of work- someone I can share my passions with and who would understand me too. All morning we shared a friendly back-and-forth banter. After work, we went out to dinner to talk more about the job and to get to know each other better so we could figure out how to split the workload we would be faced with shortly. He was polite, respectful, and ambitious. I found out his family owns a business and he was helping his father run it. He was unhappy in his current job and so he was grateful for this new position. We talked for hours. If I didn’t have my conference call at 9, we probably would have stayed even longer.

Except that at the end of our meal, he mentioned his fiance.

Yup, that’s right. You heard me. His FIANCE.

WHY. Why is it that every time I meet a great guy, someone I have dreamed of meeting, there is always a catch? And then the only guys I do meet who are single are guys I am not interested in? I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to try and keep an open mind in meeting someone when every time I do, they are already taken. Now, I know there are lots of great single guys out there, but it seems like they are not within my reach. 

What’s funny is, this guy actually wants to hook me up with his brother. Whom he says is nothing like him; in fact, he is the opposite. Shy, anti-social, and quiet. Ugh. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I need a counterpart. Someone who won’t think that I am “too much” of anything. 

After he told me he was engaged, I felt like I was in the danger zone. All the joking and ease of conversation now felt strained since I felt I had crossed a line. But it wasn’t my fault- he had withheld that information so I wasn’t the one at fault, right? But how do I continue to work with him, knowing that in my mind I find him to me perfect for me, and after such a great start? Lucky for me he will be working from Michigan and not from the office where I am located and so I won’t have to see him as much. But we will still be communicating every day, multiple times a day, and see each other at events.

The way I see this is that God wanted me to realize that there ARE great guys out there. Maybe this was just a glimpse inside what is to come. Maybe I will meet someone else within my field and this is just a way to get me to open up to the idea. Still, I can’t help feeling disappointed that yet again, the perfect guy was within my reach and- just as quickly- he was snatched away.