Financial Crisis

by jdeena

I came across a comment on Facebook today, and it’s been bothering me all day. A girl posted in one of the groups I’m in “What’s the most you’ve spent on a purse? I just bought a really expensive one and I need to justify it to my husband.” The comment made my stomach roil. It unsettled me. And for two reasons: the first being her overspending on a designer bag (I have no use for labels), and the second her apparent financial dependency on her husband.

Nothing irks me more than hearing of young, American raised women still depending on their husbands for money. I thought that practice was left in our mother’s generation.

Now, maybe the woman has had kids recently and she’s not working. So she has to ask her husband for money. Still, shouldn’t there be some sort of agreement made so that a woman doesn’t have to resort to asking her husband for money, like an allowance? I mean, I just couldn’t imagine asking my husband for money. Which is why I will always work. There is just something about earning your own money that is so refreshing and validating.

I’ve always felt that men use money to control women. Before women would work, men carried all the financial responsibility. So then they made all the decisions in the household. A woman had no choice but to agree. However, nowadays women contribute just as much income to the home, and responsibility is split. I feel that makes the most sense. But it should continue this way even after a woman stops working to raise kids. The most irritating thing to me is seeing a man hold money back from his wife. Why? Because you earned it, she can’t share in it? I understand some women go overboard with spending, but if you set budgets there shouldn’t be a problem.

Bottom line, I feel that women need to empower themselves by working for their own strength. They shouldn’t have to depend on a man, nor justify their purchases. I feel good knowing that I can take care of myself. I won’t get married just for financial security like so many girls do. They’d rather shop than work, but eventually the money stops coming and they are stuck at home. Never be under a man’s thumb; you should be able to hold your own.

I feel sorry for the girl whose comment I read online. I’d never want to be in her place. I hope she figures out a better way to empower herself. Either that, or in the future she keeps comments like that to herself.