by jdeena

It’s funny. I look through pictures on Facebook all the time, and it’s like I’m looking at pictures from 50 years ago. Not the fashion, not the scenery, not the vocabulary. What I’ve noticed is that we, as Arab Americans, have not evolved in our gender roles.

All my life I have been known as the rebellious one. I never wanted to settle down and get married young. I never wanted to be the typical housewife and mother. Which is probably why I’m still single at 31; Arab men want that stereotype on some level.

What infuriates me is that as women’s roles have changed, they are still treated as they always have been: domesticated servants. Any gathering I go to (with some VERY small exceptions) women do all the work while men sit around and demand things. I know men are the “providers” but last time I checked women spend as much time caring for the kids, running errands, and maintaining a home. Many women work as well so it’s even more exhausting.

So why is it that men still sit on their thrones barking out orders? I hate to say it, but it’s because you women LET them. I have yet to see a man put his own food or iron his own clothes or get his own drink. And again, there are very few exceptions, but sorry to say not enough to convince me that I will find an Arab guy who will treat me as an equal. Oh, I know I’ll turn some heads with this post, but what else is new?

I’m convinced that what I want doesn’t exist in a man. And so I will continue to float along solo and enjoy my single status as long as I can hold on to it. I just hope the next generation can evolve into a more gender-equal status.

It’s time.