by jdeena

She lies there


Huddling in a corner

Naked with emotion.

Warm tears slide down her cheek

Leaving black streaks of despair.

Shivering with heartbreak

Ice pumping through her veins.

Stripped of their love

She lays there dying.

Squeezing her eyes tightly

She prays for solace.

And then,


She raises her head

Opens her eyes.

He is right there

Close to touch.

She says to him

“Do you know how hard it is to look you in the eyes?”

He replies

“I’d imagine as hard as it is to look you in the eyes.”

Her heart shatters

Pieces everywhere.

He scrambles to pick it up

But it is too late.

She falls apart

Bit by bit.

He can’t keep up

He’s losing faith.

She’s gone

No longer here.

He closes his eyes

Prays for relief.

He hears a beating

So close and so clear.

He opens his eyes

To find her heart

Laying on the ground.

Warm, pulsing, alive.

Her heart has survived.

She has not.