Missing: Gentlemen

by jdeena

Ladies, has it felt like recently there have been no gentlemen around? I mean real, actual gentlemen. The kind that walk into a room and command the attention. Whose presence is a compliment to any situation. Who carry themselves with class and distinction.

Since I travel a lot, I notice that there is a lack of true gentlemen gracing our society. I see groups of guys out who have no charm. Guys who are out for a “guys night” who remind me of high school jocks out for their first time. Guys who think American Eagle t-shirts and a hoodie count as “being dressed.” As a single female in her early 30s, I have to tell you that this is not appealing by any means.

Going out to a bar or club every time you “go out” is juvenile and classless. A true gentlemen engages himself in culture. He visits historical sites, museums, musical events that represent genres other than the top 40 hits. He holds doors open for women, not because he feels he has to, but because he knows women should be treated that way.

A true gentlemen dresses not only with style, but with purpose. Every accessory has a reason, and when assembled sets him apart from the rest. He wears clothes that fit him in every way: size, fashion, and atmosphere. A true gentlemen also surrounds himself with the same image that he portrays. The gentlemen he hangs out with are also distinguished and classy.

These gentlemen are far and few between. I have, however, come across one such group of gentlemen. I am highly impressed with the way they live. As a female, I can’t tell you how attractive it is to see true gentlemen such as these.

What’s even better is that they recently started a way of life for the young, male single business professional. How2Yolo has become more popular over the last couple of months. Their website how2yolo is great guide for all the guys out there who clearly need some direction in their life.

Ladies, do your male friends service by recommending they subscribe to their site. Guys, do yourselves and us females service by subscribing to it. The lack of true gentlemen in our society is abominable. As we get older, our options don’t have to diminish. We can all have that true gentleman in our life.