by jdeena

She cries. She falls. She picks herself off the ground.

She stands. She strolls. She holds her head up high.

They point. They stare. They whisper words so cruel.

They laugh. They lie. They cut so deep.

In a world filled with love, she is surrounded by clouds of hate.

In a life filled with hope, her dreams are dashed by fate.

Who cares? Who knows? Who will be there?

Who listens? Who stands? Who will answer?

She smiles through the tears.

She walks through the flames.

Her skin made of ice.

A heart made of stone.

She laughs. She smiles. She walks on by.

You wonder. You sneer. You criticize.

In the end, she will survive.

Your words, your fear, will have no place.

She will succeed. She will thrive.

She will.